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Sunday, November 27


Extreme Make-over: Blog Edition -- the Reveal!

Pumpkin BlogsiteHere's our new fake blogsite! Now we have cool colors everywhere, especially that big pumpkin-hued top banner (the header). Wondering what all the tagged titles are? Those are the magic behind your blog; they become real words and regular text (and some hyperlinks, too) as soon as your template is loaded onto the Blogger host server.

Don't let those tag-items throw your eye off. I built this site for layout and colors, to show you what we could do with a little editing. If you look at our abbreviated Style Sheet in the previous post, you'll see the references to every main color shown in the picture. There are some other little tweaks in there, which you've probably spotted by now. Those link buttons in the right sidebar use our color palette, but have their own special descriptions. I left them in because they turned out alright visually. In a future article we can take a look at styling link buttons: those are tons of fun, and only tricky the first time around. I'll also post a link to the complete template text for this sample site shortly. I've already written more than I'd intended, since I wanted our newly-decorated blogsite to speak for itself! Until then...

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