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Sunday, November 27


Wait, what did I forget?

Settings Screen
Let's backtrack for a moment. Have you fixed your Settings yet? Yes, you need to. Some of them don't matter much, and some matter a whole lot. So take a few minutes, a half-hour if you need it; read the little Help bits to do with odds and ends, and get your Blogger settings right. Then you can move on and forget them for awhile, just like you did with your last girlfriend. Some of these settings will alter the way your blogsite displays the stuff you post. It's much simpler to get those tweaks right at this stage than to discover them later on. It's good practice for navigating Blogger Help, too.

Okay, back to work then. We were talking about templates. Yours is in there, of course--just press the little Template tab and you can read all about it. Sure you can. I did. Nope, I didn't understand most of the gobbledy-gook in there at first, either. It's like a, well, like a...kind of...code! Yes it is! It's in code alright. HTML for some of it, and CSS for other parts. And let's not even think about Javascript language yet!

Which brings me to Lesson Two, now. Not the lesson where I tell you to start memorizing Tags and syntax rules. Lesson Two is this: stay away from the so-called website EXTRA's for now. I mean it; don't do it! Not yet; you can have some later. Let's get the house built first, before you start adding shutters and weathervanes. Seriously--those "extra" thingies are no more necessary to your unique message than any other geegaw you might buy at Pier One Imports. Let's start with something so much more basic that it's obvious: COLOR! If you'll stick with me, we'll talk about painting the house. Come on, it'll be fun, and messy too!

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