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Sunday, November 27


What first then?

cool colors
Your first obligation as a Blogger is to create interesting content, words or photo's or whatever interests you. But if you have any ambition or artistic leaning, you also want your personal space to be unique. Just like your dorm room back in college, remember? Forget the black walls and the fluorescent decor, though, ok? The easiest way to start is to look around at everyone else's dorm rooms: go ahead and use that little NEXT BLOG>> button. You'll find some really hideous Blogs, plenty of foreign-language pages, lots of duplicated templates, and a number of very very good blogsites. Only you can decide what looks great to you.

Step Two is to dig in a bit at the Blogger dashboard's Help sections, but not too deep right off the bat. There's too much ground to cover at first. Just get familiar with where things are so you can dig deeper later. You have a template you can live with for now, right? And you've seen a few sites you think look better than yours. You have some ideas about layout and colors and links, maybe. Here's the most important thing to learn for now: every template is just words! You can edit them yourself. You can switch templates any time you want. Every single word you've written and posted will still be there waiting for you, no matter what you do to your template. That's lesson one, and it's critical. Don't get too happy yet, though. Read on.

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