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Sunday, November 27


Where do I start?

green site
You're here, so chances are you are either writing some HTML or CSS code, or you're a Blogger. If you're coding web pages by hand, then you've found a good spot to launch searches for more help and ideas. But let's assume you're a Blogger and you are looking around. You probably already have a Template, along with an intriguing profile of yourself and a post or three already up. So why are you here?

I know why, because I was you just a few weeks ago. A newbie. I had some solid experience writing the old-standard HTML, and I've also done quite a bit with graphic design. But I didn't know squat about blogging or blog-template-tags; and I had never even heard of Cascading Style Sheets. Your background may be similar to mine in one way or another. You are here because you want your own blogsite to be unique. You're curious, and hungry for knowledge. (Or else you're just bored and surfing the "next Blog" button. )

If you're still reading, then stick with me, and we'll talk about where to go from here. Stay tuned.

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