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Monday, November 28


Why Bother??

the author
With so many websites devoted to website design, why would I bother to construct this little blog site? Reason one, is just to try it. Reason two, the more important one, is to help me organize and reference all the amazing help information I've already stumbled across. My Favorites group, folders, and loose-listings had already reached the point of uselessness after just a few weeks' blog-hunting. I needed a way to make it easy for me to find info quickly, and visually. Folders just don't cut it. Not only that, but I had found multiple sources for similar questions. I needed to group them together, but separate. Not an easy task, working with-in the Favorites folders. This website will let me do everything I want to do, to give credit where it's due (by Linking and quoting), and share it with anyone who wants to follow my own wobbly path.

It should be fun. In the end, this blogsite should be a help to anyone just getting started who wants to do some tweaking and customizing. And who doesn't want to do a little tweaking, anyway? Wish me luck.

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